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Specialized Offerings


Contact Suzanne to be your keynote speaker, in-school guest or to design your custom workshop or training session.

Inspired Speaking

"Everybody is just saying 'Wow!'"


"We have had a phenomenal response to the [address] you provided during our Administrative Symposium! ... I quickly ran out of the business cards you gave me.  ... We have also received at least 100 requests so far for a yoga handout.  Thank you again!"


- Comments from "Yoga for Desk Jockeys" address to 300+ people
in May 2014 at the Black Knight Inn.


Tell me where / when / what you need a speaker for?

Private Consulting

Balancing Health & Wellness with ....?

Read this RDC Alumni Notebook article on Suzanne

... so what can I help you with?


Does your business or organization believe in the health and happiness of your staff? Are you smart enough to realize that your human resources are your most precious asset? I can help you help them! 


Ask me how?

In-School Sessions

"Having Suzanne come into our grade 9 health classes was a great experience for our students. For many of our students it was their first attempt at yoga and it was a fantastic start to an activity that may become lifelong for them."   - Kathy, P.E. Teacher


“Having Suzanne teach yoga to our students has been exceptional! Her ability to teach goes beyond just the physical practice.  She's able to communicate the benefits of the whole person; mind, body, and spirit. This has provided our students ​with a variety of tools to deal with stress and anxiety in an increasingly demanding world. Something everyone should experience.” 

- Fiona Hicks, B.A./B.Ed., High School Teacher


Suzanne has a degree in Education & years of experience teaching in middle, high, and alternative schools, kindergartens, & to first nations youth ... from yoga in the regular physical education curriculum to martial arts & self defense, to specialized sessions for stress & mental health.


Check out the Hunting Hills High School Bike-a-thon Video (fundraiser for Mental Health) at which Suzanne offered a class (and raised funds)!

Custom Classes, Workshops & Retreats


“Over an 8 week timeframe participants in Suzanne’s Yoga Thrive class for cancer survivors reported increased ability to cope with stress, increased mobility and flexibility, as well as decreased physical pain. Participants also reported and increased sense of connection and social support in our evaluation of their experience.” 

- Dr. Anomi Bearden, PhD Psychology

(Applied Health Researcher at Red Deer College)


Want results? Work with Suzanne to design your own ...


- Yoga for: Golf, Athletes, Desk-Jockeys, Seniors, Children  ... you name it!

- Fun in the Outdoors (mountain-biking, cycling, cross-country skiing, etc.)

- Managing Stress, Learning to Relax, Better Sleep

- Lifestyle - Health, Nutrition, Philosophies for Living

- Fitness & Training (and training programs)

- Yoga Therapy: Injuries, Chronic Pain, Specific Conditions (e.g. PTSD)


Drop me a line!


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