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Private Therapy & Coaching/Training

Suzanne is a Certified Yoga Therapist with the IAYT (International Association). 


Contact Suzanne to arrange your private therapy or coaching/training!

Suzanne’s more specialized therapy groups and clients include:

  • Athletic Injuries & Conditions

  • Sport-Specific Cross-training

  • Backs, Hips, Shoulders

  • Concussions & Brain Injuries

  • Addictions Recovery

  • Cancer-Treatment

  • Everyday Health Enhancement

  • Stress including PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder)

  • Mental Health: Anxiety, Depression, Anger

  • Sleep Difficulties & Deprivation

  • Self Defense & Fun Martial Arts

  • Life Philosophies & Practices

  • Children, Youth, Older Adults

Here's what others have to say:

“When I started training with Suzanne I was tired of being out of shape and not having enough energy. She took me under wing and had me believing that anything was possible! She was very gentle and very intuitive to what would work for me.  We began very slowly.  She was always very positive and encouraging.  She gave me confidence to try a little more each week and was always respectful. Before I knew it I was craving movement and excited to challenge myself. My experience with Suzanne enhanced my life both physically and emotionally, and I am forever grateful.


- Kim, Private Client


"I began taking private sessions with Suzanne to allow focus on rehabilitation of shoulder injuries.  Her varied and deceptively subtle approaches have led to immense improvement and elimination of chronic pain.  Each class is flexible and Suzanne adapts and varies our sessions to address my specific strengths and weaknesses, or changes in my practice focus.  I highly recommend personal classes as a means to rapidly achieve any specific goals you have in mind.  Suzanne is one of the best teachers I have encountered!"


- Mark Lencucha, FCA

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